Self-watering wick system

Santino Self-Watering Hanging Basket VISTA

8.5 inch

The Santino Vista Planter offers a contemporary silhouette for style and a big self-watering reservoir for convenience. Vista is a very light hanging pot with a self-watering wick system. This ingenious drainage system allows excess water to drain from the substrate in the external pot. It is made of lightweight and durable plastic.

The plastic hanging pot Vista comes with a hanging hook that is made of sturdy plastic. The hook is in the same color and engages the pot tightly with special clamps. Place the Vista pot indoors or outside. It's made with UV-stabilized materials and won't leak.

Usually it is used by professional gardeners and landscape architects, and by garden and flower lovers, especially because of its luxurious glossy surface. You can grow any type of the cascade flowers like petunia, asparagus and so on.

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  1. Push the brackets outward to release the hanger. Remove the brackets by turning them 90° clockwise.

2. Pour the first layer of soil, which shouldn’t be much since you need to leave enough space for the root ball. Instead of soil, different types of peat mixtures, suitable for your plants, can be used.

3. Place the plant directly into the flower pot and fill the remaining space with soil. Slightly compress. Add a little bit more soil, because it will settle within 2-3 weeks by 5-10%.

4. Water your plant directly into the soil. Make sure that the water level does not exceed level of clear window.

5. Insert hanger hooks into the oppenings and affix by turning counterclockwise to vertical position.

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